The ParkSocially Company Manifesto

Or, how we roll.

The scope of knowledge and enthusiasm of our team is more far-reaching than you might expect for a small, three-person startup. Our expertise ranges from software development, digital marketing, and web design to linguistics, education, and football. We are a multi-passionate bunch who believe in the power of teamwork to make the world a better place.


Our values are what has brought us together from the very beginning, and aligning on these has defined our vision for our company and our community.


First and foremost, we believe in helping people, and helping people to help other people. We believe that providing the means to allow New Yorkers move through their days with ease by providing a solution for easier street parking creates a friendlier, collaborative community. We want to give back to our community and help everyone get to what’s important in their day in the fastest, simplest way possible.


We believe in a greener environment and future for generations to come. We can’t save the world all at once. But we can provide a way to get cars off the road faster, creating cleaner air and a quieter environment for our children to grow and thrive, and for everyone to enjoy their lives.


We believe that time is our most precious resource. Our social sharing platform was designed with this in mind, because we value our own time and want to give others the freedom to use their time as they wish, without the frustrations of finding parking.


We believe that our roads are a vital part of the city and they should be respected. It’s this idea that inspires us to get involved and help reduce traffic congestion in our ever-growing city, making the roads safer and easier to travel on.


We believe in being completely transparent and keeping open communication with our community. We take all feedback and suggestions to heart, and constantly strive to bring a better parking experience to everyone in New York.


Above all, we believe that parking should be the first stop on your journey so that you can get on with your day and focus on the things that truly matter in life. We don’t get a second chance. So our goal is to give everyone the ability to find a spot where and when they need it, so they can spend their time on the things they love, without missing a single beat.


This is the beginning of our journey. We’d love it if you’d join us for the ride.


Let’s roll.

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