It all starts with a parking spot.

Wherever the day takes us, having to park is a big part of it. Our first choice, of course, will always be the cheapest and closest to where we want to go.
In other words, an on-street parking spot.

ParkSocially is a mobile app that helps you do just that: find on-street parking quicker and easier than ever before, through the power of community.

We'll get you to what's important. One spot at a time.

Moving forward by paying it forward.

The concept is simple: give when we can, ask for help when we need it. Empowering our Community is what drove us to build ParkSocially.

When you need a spot, search for one within the App. And when you can offer a spot, share it with the community. Working together is what makes a community great.
So we can all get to what’s important.

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Discover a better parking experience.

Enter your destination and set your search criteria, and we'll connect you with spots shared by other members.

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Finding a parking Spot has never been easier

Simply tap a pin on the map for details, then tap Select and we'll show you how to get there.

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Finding a parking Spot has never been easier

Confirm your arrival, and everyone gets rewarded. And we don't just mean the reward of finding a spot.

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Hear our customers' stories.


Jasmine was behind schedule to pick up her daughter’s birthday cake on the way home from work. She’d had a rough day, and parking in front of the bakery was always difficult. As she got close, she opened the ParkSocially app and sent out a search for a spot. Within seconds, a couple of spots appeared right around the corner from the bakery. Twenty minutes later, Jasmine was pulling into her driveway with the cake in tow, just in time to see her daughter’s smile before the birthday party began.


Emily’s apartment sits on a busy street and overlooks a small concert hall. She works from home and often lets her eyes wander to the traffic on the street when she is thinking about a project. On days when events are held at the venue, concert-goers crowd the road in their attempts to find on-street parking nearby. Ever an optimist who looks for ways to make the world a better place, Emily realized that there was something she could do to brighten those drivers’ days and reduce traffic congestion.


Martin has lived in the city for nearly a decade, but grew up in a small town in the midwest. He was raised by his aunt, who he adores and views as Superwoman. He always thought that she would visit him often in his new city, but her anxiety kept her from ever making the trip. Finally, she agreed to come as long as she could travel by train.

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